Dear Bob,

When it was time to start thinking about sending our daughter to college, we were uncertain about how to approach "the system", let alone pay for it. As many parents will see, there’s a wealth of information to be digested.

My wife and I were set on sending our child to a State University because we felt that was all we could afford.

Thanks to you, with your patience and knowledge, we are able to send our daughter to a private University.... Loyola College of Maryland. We turned down offers from schools such as Boston University, Syracuse and Marist.

I hope others in the same situation as us turn to your professional services because you became the best investment for our daughter’s future.

Thomas, East Northport NY

Dear Bob,

We can't thank you enough for navigating us through the confounding college financial aid process.

You have a wonderful way of demystifying the process and also managing to keep us on track for deadlines and – in my case – handholding me through all the steps.

Our son's financial package was beyond our wildest expectations. We are convinced that it was your sane counsel and realistic approach that did the trick.

We have recommended your services to many of our friends. The help you provided to us was invaluable.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you throughout our college son's academic career, and two years hence when son number two comes down the pike!

Gratefully yours,
Lauren and Michael, Hastings-on-Hudson NY

Dear Bob,

Greg and I want to thank you for your amazing services that have saved us an incredible amount of money on our daughters' education. We have four children, three of which are currently enrolled in New York schools. At the beginning, we were so overwhelmed with the idea of sending them all to college, but you helped us understand the complicated process and forms and you helped us choose schools that were not only great matches for our girls, but able to give us the assistance to help afford their respective educational paths.

We don't know HOW we would have done this without you. Thank you for your talent, time, energy and passion. We look forward to receiving your guidance again in January.

Happy Thanksgiving Bob, to you and your family.

Yours in Gratitude,
Greg and Madeline, Bayville NY

Dear Bob,

Words cannot describe how much Guy and I recommend your service in helping parents obtain financial aid. Your advice is sound and you did an outstanding job with our twins’ financial aid. Having gone this route with our oldest daughter without your help, we saw a dramatic result when you "took over."

Our thanks to you for your making the whole financial aid procedure painless and rewarding.

Joann, Yonkers NY
Dear Bob,

What can I say? You were so terrific when we needed to know about college financial aid. Sending two children to college at the same time was a nightmare. You helped us wade through the paperwork and made it look easy. I have and will in the future recommend your services to anyone sending a child to college. Your knowledge was invaluable to us. I was especially pleased with your patience (we asked so many questions) and that of your staff. They always were happy to help me in any way necessary.

Your fee is most reasonable and I would never have received the aid I did if it weren’t for your excellent advice.

Barbara, Smithtown NY
Dear Bob,

Thank you for your invaluable advice in the assistance you provided in the connection with the financial aid applications submitted on behalf of our daughter, Casey.

We are pleased to inform you that Casey will be attending Gettysburg College in September and happily, is the recipient of a financial aid package that will cover approximately 80% of the cost.

I have enclosed a copy of her award letter for your files.

Once again, my wife Kathy and I send our sincere thanks.

Best Regards,
Vincent, Massapequa NY
Dear Bob,

Thank you so very much for all your assistance in preparing our financial forms, and for your knowledge of the ins and outs of college scholarship papers and how to best put our money to work.

Choosing a college is very important and can be quite difficult. Having to deal with all the paperwork and financial dealings is exasperating. All this was made so much easier on us by your invaluable knowledge and experience in such matters.

It was a pleasure to meet you. We greatly benefited from your services. I would not hesitate at all recommending you to anyone. The time and effort you saved us was immensely appreciated.

Thank you so much,
Cornelius, Smithtown NY
Dear Bob,

I nearly canceled the original consultation with you to explore financial help for my son’s college tuition. What was the point? Every other "help" hype had paned into scams of waste-of-time and money. Besides, Benje (me son) was not an "A" student. I had always been under the impression that scholarships were awarded only to top academic students. He and my financial position always fell between the cracks. I was unfortunately resolved to borrow today and worry tomorrow.

Leaving your office, I breathed the first deep breath I’ve had since the birth of my son. No kidding. Raised in a family where my mother’s most repeated phrase was, "I’d scrub floors so you kids could go to college", left its’ impression. When she had uttered that phrase, college did not cost $24,000 per year.

You earnestly said, "Sarabelle, can’t promise but by the looks of your tax returns, the fact that you’ve run a legitimate business for 20 years, because your are a single and custodial parent, you stand to score a triple or a home run !".

I never expected you could access the resources, aid, scholarships and information that you did, especially in so short amount of time! The "Leadership Scholarship" that Green Mt. College awarded Ben, because of your efforts, raised his self-esteem dramatically and eased my financial burden.

We are so thrilled with the help, kid glove care you gave us, all the results. There is no thank you big enough! I recommend your services unequivocally!

Sarabelle, East Hampton NY
Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for the work you did for Christopher and me last year. As a newly separated parent it is important for me to work with people I can trust.

I also want to thank you for encouraging me to contact Denison’s financial aide office to request additional monies. It worked !

Now Jonathan is in his senior year of high school. I’m sure that you’ll know the best strategies for maximizing the financial packages for both boys.

With Sincere Appreciation, Marilyn, Huntington NY
Dear Bob,

Although this letter is late, we thank you for your help with the college process, etc.

Enclosed are copies of the awards Valerie received from Stonehill College, Fairfield University, Quinnipiac College and Sacred Heart University. We are pleased with them, especially, Stonehill College since that was Valerie’s first school choice.

We hope to do as well for all four years at college.

Thank you again for your time and professional advice.

Mary, Islip NY
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